Below is a collection of podcasts and lectures exploring the Orthodox faith. Click the images to visit the websites and listen. The podcasts can also be accessed from the Ancient Faith Radio app, available for Apple or Android, or via the Podcasts app.


Sunday Homilies and Theological Reflections with Fr. Josiah Trenham

Weekly homilies and theological reflections recorded from the amvon of St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California. This podcast is likewise sponsored by Patristic Nectar Publications, a publisher specializing in resources for Orthodox catechesis. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your spiritual quest, and we hope that your listening experience is an edifying one.

The Areopagus

Historic Christianity Encounters Other Religious Traditions

When the early apostles or our Lord encountered people who didn’t oppose them but believed differently when it came to faith, how were they engaged? We have one example in the book of Acts with the Apostle Paul’s encounter at The Areopagus or Mars Hill. This podcast is about the encounter of historic Christianity with other religious traditions. We’ll have many topics and frequent guests and we promise informative, irenic discussions without compromising Truth.

Be the Bee

Finding God in Everything, Everyday

A production of the GOARCH Department of Youth and Young Adult ministries and a presentation of Ancient Faith Radio, this brief weekly video podcast will focus on the various ways in which God has infused all of creation with goodness and beauty. The title refers to the metaphor of the bee and the flies that was used by Elder Paisios to describe how Christians should approach life. The host of the program is Steven Christoforou, the Interim Director of the GOA Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Faith and Philosophy

Reflections on Orthodoxy and Culture

Clark Carlton is the author of The Faith series (The Faith, The Way, The Truth, The Life) published by Regina Orthodox Press. His books have been instrumental in helping many find their way to Orthodoxy. In this podcast, Clark will comment weekly on matters of faith, philosophy and Orthodoxy.

Holy Monastery of Saint John of the Mountain

Sermons from Archimandrite evagrios

Established in the 20th century and located half an hour from Perth in Western Australia, the Holy Monastery of Saint John of the Mountain is shepherded currently by his Grace Bishop Nikandros of Doryleon. The monastery makes available sermons and spiritual talks from Archimandrite Evagrios, the abbot of the monastery.

Patristic Nectar Publications

Patristic Nectar Publications (PNP) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing spiritual edification and formal Orthodox Christian catechesis.  It publishes the teachings of the Church as expressed by the Holy Fathers through a vast array of patristic audio books and lecture series, spreading the wealth of Sacred Tradition to the modern-day media culture.  PNP is distinctive in the fidelity of its publications to the mind of the Church, and the freedom in the publications from personal opinions and theological fads.

Pop Culture Coffee Hour

The guys and girls talk about pop culture, theology, and whatever else is on their minds in this weekly podcast. They might even make you laugh. Maybe.

The guys: Steven Christoforou & Christian Gonzalez
The girls: Christina Andresen & Emma Solak

Redeeming the Time

Homilies from St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in McKinney, Texas

Fr. Seraphim Holland shares his homilies from St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in McKinney, Texas. “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Eph 5:15-16

Roads From Emmaus

Exploring the Intersection Between Place, Communion, and Revelation

Produced in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, this podcast features sermons and other talks about the exploration and engagement of Christian faith with the world. Jesus Christ both journeyed with His disciples on the road to the Biblical Emmaus and broke bread with them, thus revealing Himself as both our fellow traveler and the incarnate Word of God

Time Eternal

Faith at the Intersection of Time and Eternity

“Time Eternal” explores the beautiful and the difficult aspects of time on this earth. The various episodes touch on how our experience and perception of time can become distorted because of sin and brokenness, and how the message of Christ and our Orthodox faith can help restore and resurrect the way we live with time. It is hoped that, in doing so, we can begin to heed St. Paul’s instruction to “redeem the time” (Ephesians 5:16).