Meet the committee

The Central Youth Committee (CYC) is comprised of young people from the Greek Orthodox Christian churches across SA. Up to two representatives from each church regularly attend meetings and contribute to the CYC's projects. If you see us around, please come and have a chat with us! We'd love to meet you.


Saint George


Thalia grew up in the Parish of St Andrew's and moved to St George's during high school. She enjoys learning about the history of the Church and her Traditions. She strives for improvement in life which is largely influenced by her family and friends, who inspire her to learn more about God. She hopes that through the CYC, others can develop strong bonds of friendship with God-fearing people to help tackle the Struggle we call Life. In her free time she enjoys reading, music and attempting to not get addicted to social media. 


SAint Anthony


Sophia is 26 and one of the representatives for St. Anthony’s Youth committee. She has been a member of the CYC for about three and a half years and is also  president of the St. Anthony’s Youth Committee. What Sophia enjoys about being involved is being able to help our churches by organising fun events and fundraisers!


Angelica is a recent member of the CYC and has joined us for a little over a year. She is also a member of the St Anthony's youth committee and recently has been elected treasurer. 


Saint panteleimon


Mellie is most excited to be alive when making music, exploring new places, and discussing all the world's absurdities in late-night philosophical conversations with friends. Fascinated by the joys and pains of human existence, it is fitting that Mellie is a student of psychology and anthropology, and a singer of the Greek blues. If you see her around, don't be afraid to skip the small talk and delve straight into what's really on your mind! Although, a simple 'hello' would be fine to start off with too.

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Saint Dimitrios


Olivia is currently in her final year of study at the University of Adelaide.  She loves singing and has sung in choirs since primary school, including chanting regularly in our church services. 



Josiah has been involved in Parish life at St Dimitrios as a chanter for over ten years.  A convert from Protestantism to Orthodoxy with his family at the age of seven, Josiah is fascinated by the richness and profundity of the Orthodox faith and, having a deep curiosity and passion for people, loves exploring that faith with others and growing with them in Christ. Josiah has a talent for accents and impressions that fortunately, so far, has not made its way into the Chanters’ stand.


the nativity of christ


Jamieson is our representative for the Greek Orthodox Community and Parish of the Nativity of Christ, Port Adelaide. Being a teenager and the youngest member of the CYC, Jamieson wants to show other teenagers that it's okay to show your Faith and to serve the Church. Jamieson is deeply involved in the Community and Parish of the Nativity of Christ, holding the role of Anagnostis/Reader and is the President of the Port Adelaide Greek Orthodox Youth Group as well as helping wherever and whenever he can throughout the community.


Prophet Elias


Pyrros is one of the representatives from Prophet Elias and is also a member of the Executive Committee at Norwood Church. He is passionate about helping out in the community and enjoys organising events to engage Orthodox youth.



Maria has been a part of the SA Central Youth Committee for the past three and half years.  Maria loves contributing to the Parish at Prophet Elias in Norwood and is also a Sunday School teacher there. Maria is passionate about engaging children and young people in the Orthodox faith through fostering friendships.  Joining the CYC has provided an opportunity to connect with and make new friends who also want to grow in their faith. Having this sort of spiritual support network is a blessing and Maria looks forward to creating more opportunities for the youth of Adelaide to have this experience as well.

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Saint spyridon


With a love for learning, Michael is an avid reader, delighting in developing an understanding of his faith through the lives and teachings of the Church Fathers and Saints. Michael joined the CYC to offer his services in support of strengthening Orthodox youth fellowship in South Australia.

Andrianna Photo.2.jpg

Andrianna "Andy"

As a teenager, Andrianna struggled to connect with her faith, never really understanding the beauty of the Church and Her Mysteries. With the guidance of her Spiritual Father, Andrianna began and continues to grow in her faith. She joined the CYC in the hopes of helping others who may also have struggled to connect with their faith. An enthusiastic consumer of coffee, she welcomes the opportunity to share a conversation over a cup … or three.

 Currently, not all churches are represented on our committee.

If you would like to represent the parish of Saints Raphael, Nicholas & Irene, Saint Andrew, or Saint Nectarios, we want to hear from you!