40 Martyrs

Holy Women in our Church

There are countless Saints and Martyrs of the Orthodox Church, all of whom in some way dedicated their lives to God. Their sacrifices manifest in many ways such as martyrdom or devoting one’s life to prayer and the preaching of God’s love. The 40 Virgin Martyrs and their Spiritual Father, Deacon Ammoun are some of these individuals who laid down their lives for Jesus Christ. Of course, when talking about the Holy Women of our Church, we cannot forget the Mother of God who gave her body to be the ultimate Temple of Christ and who brought Him into this world as her Son and as her God.

Presented by four of our CYC members, this talk covers the lives of the martyrs celebrated on the 1st of September, the early life of the Theotokos, theology behind the iconography of the Holy Mother of God and why we pray to both the Saints and to the Panagia for their intercessions. The presentation also touches on the importance of having a Spiritual Father and the role these Saints can have in our own lives.